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The Provençal House

I found the idea on my way there, in the South of France, and I found it interesting, especially since it hasn't been done much.
I think I have reproduced the typical atmosphere of this region well, with the small lavender field, the Provencal grass on the kitchen wall, next to the typical corner oven, the stone arch around the door. entrance, the windows and their shutters in blue or with that old stone wall.

This house has no less than around 2,900 pieces and is built on a basis of 43 studs in length and 32 studs in width.
This building is divided into 7 different rooms, the entrance / hallway / staircase, the kitchen with its typical corner oven, the bathroom with its walk-in shower, the toilet, the living room and its beautiful fireplace, the office and his library full of books, and the bedroom.
The color scheme is predominantly composed of tan for the walls and red for the canvases.
And I also added a few touches of green, vegetation, for more liveliness.

The building is accompanied by a small field of lavender, a watering can and a minifigure typical of the region.

Thank you for giving me your opinion in the comments, for sharing my achievement, but obviously for providing your “support”!

Thanks in advance;)             MATT’S Brick

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