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Godzilla ゴジラ: 70th Anniversary

This is a collab project between myself (format links as: 
Water Leaper) work is included with their explicit permission.

Why it should become a set:
This is a project that if were to become reality, it would appease the vast majority of Godzilla fans. Incorporating various looks for Godzilla with a minimal amount of extra parts. Maintaining the potential price of the set down while allowing good customisation.

Swap out your favourite Godzilla design by replacing Godzilla’s head with the Heisei era design (1984 - 1995) or the Showa era design (1954–1975).

Zilla who first debuted in Godzilla 1988, in now owned by Toho. It was even used for the film “Godzilla: Final Wars” in 2004 where it faced against Toho’s Godzilla. Allowing everything to be included together as one in this set!

Do you happen to like one Godzilla more than the other? No problem; both are included! No version of Godzilla have been officially depicted in LEGO before. Why not start out with a blast and include two of them along with it’s most famous Kaiju enemy?

Godzilla’s classic antagonist: King Ghidorah is depicted here from the showa era. It includes the iconic fur manes around the three heads.

Godzilla's metallic rival is also included: Mechagodzilla! You can pose it for flying as well as equip a lightning element piece to represent it's "Cross Attack Beam" which emerges from Mechagodzilla's chest shutter.

A MBT-92 vehicle with it’s maser beam turret is also included. You can place it on the top of the ruined build and then jolt the platform on the back to flip it over! You could make one of the creatures like the classical Godzilla stomp on it to activate it.

Why it was built:

We both think Godzilla deserves a chance to become an official set. As both being Godzilla fans we had ideas for what should be included in the set. (Heisei Godzilla, the vehicle, Mechagodzilla, MBT-92 vehicle, & building) - Expedition X & Showa Godzilla, King Ghidorah,& Zilla – Water Leaper.

By mixing both of these ideas together, it became better than originally individually planned by either side.

The parts count is a modest: 1470, a lot of content for a non-overwhelming amount of pieces!

If this set reached 10k and is approved by Toho and becomes a reality. We both agree to allow The LEGO Group to divide and pay royalties equally among the Product Idea Creator and their collaborator per the choice as written in the LEGO Ideas guidelines.

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