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Welcome to your INVENTory!

    Let your imaginative power unbind as you decide from a variety of intricate parts to construct amazing vehicles! The INVENTory segments are your key to constructing astonishing machines of transportation for your minifigures, whether it is a buoyant submersible, or a swift spacecraft.

    Using the LEGO Technic system to attach parts, you can connect wings or treads forward, backward, and sometimes upside-down. You can even build your own parts to connect to your model! This set includes engines, wings, defense cannons, treads, and tools all to the builder's benefit. What is created is all your decision!

What will you create?



  • Jet wing pair (Features a built-in defense cannon, that may flip backward to become engine boosters.)
  • Submersible/ UFO wing pair
  • Forward-swept "Super Booster" wing pair
  • Jet core (single passenger)
  • Law Enforcement core (single passenger)
  • Passenger core (multiple passengers)
  • Mechanic, passenger, and pilot minifigures
  • 3 different pairs of engine/thrusters
  • 2 pairs of stud-compatible defense cannons (to defend on your journeys)
  • 1 pair of double-sided defense cannons
  • 1 pair of treads
  • Buzz saw tool
  • Wrench

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