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Chahr - Dragon's of Rah


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Welcome to the island of Rah, a world where man and dragon collide. While travelling the ruins left in the volcanic ash storm, discover the path to the dragon that resides in the volcano of Rah, Chahr. Using its wings it showers its foes with embers before dazing them with smog. With razor sharp claws and a hot headed attitude this is one fiery beast. Gather your companions and join Rah's most willing adventurers as they quest for treasure and battle for glory. Comes with Charlie, human warrior whos preferred weapon is a two handed sword. (9 pieces) Created using majority bionicle and hero factory parts, and similar themed pieces. Containing 486 pieces (Dragon), all limbs are articulating, posable, moveable and customisable. Whether you want to display protecting your treasures or play and battle your best warriors, the choice is yours.

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