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Hachi: A Dog's Tale


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Hachi: A Dog's Tale
(2994 bricks)
Akita inu dog named Hachi waits at the bedridge station on his owner (Parker Wilson) day after day. 
One day, Parker didn´t come from the work. Nevertheless, Hachi goes every day at the same place and still waits on his dead owner.
I´m introducing you a lego version of this famous film about dogs loyalty based on true story.
Lego set consists of:
  • A detailed bedridge station (with ticket office)
  • Hot-dog stand
  • Hachi model and dog
  1. Hachiko
  2. Parker Wilson
  3. Carl 
  4. Jasjeet (Hot-dog stand owner)

If you are a fan of this film, don´t hesitate to support it !
If we get 10 000 supporters, Hachi can be yours :) So please support.


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