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Rey's Home in ATAT (Star Wars The Force Awakens)


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This creation represents rey's home in the Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens. Rey has made her home in the downed remains of an AT-AT. I have built this home inside the ATAT's foot rather than inside the body so that this project stay reasonable. This project is inspired by the Giant ATAT's model.

There is multiple gameplay possibilities. There is a hatch in back, sufficiently large to put a lego minifigure or other stuffs. The front of the sand dune can be removed to give access to the home's door. This front part of the dune, when detached, can represent som random wreck ready to be scavaged. Once the door opens, we can access the inside of the home. There is a retractable bed and many accessories from the movie : the rebel fighter pilot doll and helmet, rey's staff, her calendar, cooking stuffs, wilted flowers...

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