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Lakeside Ride


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Justin ran his fingers down the smooth, plastic wheel. “She’s beautiful.”

Dad stood at the door, his arms crossed. “Everything set, then?”

“My things are in the back. Seadoo’s hooked up.”

“Got the keys?”

Justin jingled them. “Thanks again, Dad.”

He smiled. “Just remember, be safe out there.”


“And one more thing,” Dad said. “Have fun, kiddo.”

Oh, I will.

A functional car gear, roaring engines, and even a jet ski? You can’t ask for much more. Lakeside Ride consists of 261 pieces, and is packed with awesome details.

This project includes:

  • Custom motor

  • Custom chair

  • Three pedals and a car gear

  • Hinged hood

  • Removable trailer

  • Removable jet ski

  • One minifigure

If you want to see this in stores, please support, and spread the word to other LEGO fans! Thanks for reading, if you want to get to know me better and learn a few LEGO tips, then you can always visit my blog, The Freebuilder!

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