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R/C H1 UC Edition

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A Ultimate Collectors (trademark to The LEGO Group) quality piece, this model features many working features and a level of detail that cannot be found on smaller models.

I would like to thank Sariel and many other builders (who I will name once I can find their Bricklink names) who have influenced my knowledge to build this model. We all learn from each other, so this is my shout out to them for their suggestions.


1/11th scale of the Hummer H1
8lbs in weight
powered by 2 PF-XL motors geared 14:1 for drive and 1 PF-M motor for steering
over 2000 pieces
features 4 working doors, lights, suspension (full independent), 4WD, hood, steering, steering wheel, and tailgate.

An interesting highlight of this vehicle is the wheels. Used from my collection, these old style wheels represent the perfect match to the H1's tires. Currently no other LEGO wheel assembly meets this criteria. The only wheel currently in production which does is to small to fit the size of the rest of the model.

Another interesting highlight is the drive train. Due to the size of the model, a non-traditional drive train was designed and used. There is no differential or complicated (to some degree) gear boxes.

(All trademarks of names and other items are all property of their respective owners. I am nothing more than a builder who wishes to combine the two into a beautiful model that others may enjoy and could potentially understand why I love it so.)

Above is a headlight and part of the grill and brush guard. Notice the detail that makes this a UC quality set!

A side shot of the vehicle without batteries installed.

A rear/quarter shot showing the batteries installed and the details of the rear bumper and gas caps.

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