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The Mobile Hydraulic Milling Machine

hello everyone,

I wish to present my humble creation and I hope you will like it. 
My goal is to offer you a simple, neat and solid design object while offering great playability. So I wanted it to be rich in functions in an airy play area for more convenience. Finally, I wanted to design a machine that was out of the ordinary while not being completely improbable. Does that inspire you? So let's continue together, and go for new generation of construction machinery ...

Here is "the mobile hydraulic milling machine" a work platform for milling rock, harvesting and extracting rubble. Very handy, it offers a wide range of easily manipulated tools such as its longitudinal milling machine, its clam-shell and its discharge belt. Those many commands allow you to activate the following functions:

⁃ 4 directional wheels for precise maneuvering.
⁃ a milling machine mounted on a side carriage and fitted with a long arm for milling at the front.
⁃ a crane used to collect rubble and place it next to the vehicle or in the receiving bin of the conveyor belt.
⁃ a treadmill that swivels, raises and lowers as needed. It is also equipped with a control panel and a repair access trap.
⁃ a cabin that can turn 360 ° so that nothing escapes to the main operator.

To conclude, I think it's the perfect size for a nice gift; on the one hand, it is not too small, which gives a reasonable construction time and diversity in the game. On the other hand, it is not too large either which facilitates its accessibility as much as possible for a majority.
 The addition of technical elements also gives a particular interest to this construction which however is more akin to the theme of lego city. I hope you like this model and that it will bring together a large number of supporters. Thanks for reading

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