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Machine 8.85


A brand new machine has arrived 

The Machine 8.85 is a combination of high potential air and terrain movement. It is basically a mix up, between a tracked vehicle and a helicopter. Due to it's abillity to fly, it is extremly effective for many different tasks. Further more, for it's abillity to move in all kind of ground terrain.

Practical information:
  • This LEGO model is build up with about 650 pieces. It is about 23cm tall, 42,5cm wide and 23cm deep. It goes 53cm long from one wing edge to the opposite, full extensived. 
  • The design is made up out of garbage, into this sustainable machine, added with practical details. 
  • I am aware that the product, as it is right now, miss the final shine. Which I wish to see, will be added, when having the ressources. (Speaking of color preferences and upgraded tool kit, of LEGO pieces).
Setup and details:
  • The model has four so called "side wings", that points out from the centre. Each wing has it's own single seated position, from where the helicopter propellers are placed on top.
  • From the centre the machine is control and manage, with the necessary advanced technology. From there, you have a low grounded tower in the front, that also control certain point of the machine.
  • In the two opposit sides of the centre there are placed some ultra powered engines, to ensure balance before and after take off. These engines can participate in many different functions, aswell as increase the speed limit. 
  • Under the centre comes the lower-floor with the 360 degrees mechanics, that allowes the whole top-floor to turn around separated from the lower-floor, with the caterpillar wheels.
  • If necessary the two floors can be separated from each other and there by leave the control centre flying as one part, with the wheels stuck on the ground.

*Because of the solid build in the lower section, the whole machine is easly to hold and grab onto, when replacing the model from A to B.
  1. A robust LEGO model

With good calls continued like these, we could be able to see this great model as a complete LEGO set for the upcoming year.

Exclusive edition: na. Machine 8.85 pp. hopfound

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