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The Internal Combustion Engine


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Picture this, in a thousand years time, archaeologists break into the vault of a museum and uncover artefacts from the 19th and 20th Century.  This is one of them, the Internal Combustion Engine, one of the best examples of an invention that changed the world.

The Internal Combustion Engine is a cut-away section showing its working mechanisms, presented as if the machine had been unearthed from a bricked up room, like a treasure uncovered in its discovered environment.

This idea started when I thought 'what model would I like to have on my desk?', and as an engineer I wanted a model of a classic machine.  There weren't models of specific machines around, so as engineers do, I set about making one.

As you can see on the back, I've connected the carburettor into the inlet valves, and stylized an exhaust pipe, connecting it to the outlet ports.  I've also angled the model so that it can be seen better when placed on a desk, and included an angled name plate which I've left blank to accommodate different language translations of the model's name. 

Have a look at higher resolution photos here on Flickr

It contains 751 bricks and was a good challenge.  Enjoy!

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