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Starlight ENE24 Multi Purpose Electric Locomotive


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Starlight ENE24

Multi purpose electric locomotive

This is the first product of the newly founded SPARK industries.
The main goal was to design a powerful and recognizable locomotive, which can handle very heavy cargo or can 'fly' fast with passengers. 

- 6 studs wide and 36 long
- about 350 parts
- IR remoted (motors, lights) 

Used Fp elements:
- 9v battery box (AAA)
- 4x Pf LED
- 2x Pf train motor RC
- 2x PF IR Receiver
- Pf Polarity Switch
- (Pf IR speed remote unit (to operate))

She can easily climb up inclined tracks, due to the 2 motors (and all wheel driving). 
It was necessary to build in a Pf polarity switch, which makes the 2nd motor rotate the same direction.
The two light 'chanels' remoted independently (via the IR remote unit). One chanel contains 2 Pf LEDs, one headlight, and at the opposite end, one taillight.
If the moving direction changes, you can change to the other light chanel.

Hope You like it !


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