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Space Exploration Module

Hello friends fans of lego and space, I present my Space Exploration Module, built with pieces left over from other sets, so it makes it a 100% recycled idea.
In the upper part I included everything related to data collection to know the pressures and temperatures of other planets, below it included some solar seals so that it can charge its batteries, below are the communications instruments, very necessary to transmit what it captures on other planets, all this with gold pieces, since gold is the best conductor in the world and we do not want to fail.
 It also has an interior for a possible pilot, there are the controls to be able to take this probe to any planet, it also has folding legs to make its landing a success.
In addition, the number of pieces makes it very attractive that there are only 211 pieces, you can include it in your space dioramas, I hope you like it, greetings from CHILE.

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