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Nevermore Academy (From Netflix's Wednesday)

Nevermore Academy is the central location of Netflix's hit show Wednesday. This model has two floors: Wednesday and Enid's room and the secret Nightshade meeting area. Outside the main building is a balcony with the iconic stained glass window, and the pentagonal quad ringing a recognizable tree. Down a hallway off of the quad is the Edgar Allen Poe statue, and a potential secret behind it. The statue piece can be slid out to reveal a secret passage to the Nightshade secret society!

Nevermore Academy consists of 2961 pieces and 6 minifigures: Wednesday Addams, Enid Sinclair, Tyler, Xavier, Bianca, and Principal Weems. Wednesday has an accessory for the "Thing", luggage, and a jet black cello. Enid comes with blue and pink claws.

I built this model because I really enjoyed watching the mystery unfold in the TV show, and wanted to represent the core setting here in Lego form. I attempted to capture something that felt like the whole of Nevermore Academy, including its most iconic parts, while keeping the whole model under 3000 parts.

I really liked the show, and I liked building this model. I hope you like it too.

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