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Middle School The Worst Years of My Life Movie Set

This is the fictional apartment from both the New York Times bestselling book series by James Patterson and movie Middle School The Worst Years of My Life where Rafe, Georgia, Mom, the villainous Stepdad, and Leo (Rafe’s dead brother) live.

I built this for a few reasons. I always have loved the way that LEGO makes its toys. The creativity of them and the way to build them. Since I love LEGO sets so much I decided to build something I love which is the movie Middle School The Worst Years of My Life without of something I love.

The reason why I think that this would make a great LEGO set is because of the entire set. Built from 984 bricks including 5 minifigures, Rafe with his sketchbook, Leo, The Mom, The villainous Stepdad, and Georgia. The set also includes a sidewalk behind the door with studs for minifigures to stand on, a door plus 2 windows that can open and close, a few gray rectangles along with one gray square (which are supposed to be picture frames) Rafe’s bedroom and Georgia’s each with detachable walls, a small living room with a couch and a magazine pile, along with two black pillars and a film camera. So please support this project and help make it become a real LEGO set.

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