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Troll's Troop Transporter

This set, inspired by many older castle sets from the late 2000s, depicts the battle between an army of trolls and the king's soldiers defending the kingdom. The troll's troop transporter incorporates four brick-built wheels, giving the massive wooden structure support. Moving this vehicle are two massive trolls, holding onto it on each side. The command post up top leads them, featuring a battle horn, chair, and navigation table. The build also features four cannon: two big ones on the top and two small ones on the bottom. The bottom layer can be accessed in multiple different ways, including a draw bridge function which allows the troops to be unloaded. Inside is extra cannons, two weapon racks, room for troops, and a cooking area with loot the trolls have plundered. The back features another entrance, with a crane to carry a cage.
The other build of the set is the kingdom entrance, which features the main gate and two defense posts. Each posts features a flick-fire missile, which can be accessed using two ladders. Inside are weapon storage, a dining table, and a writing table. The set includes 2,021 pieces and ten figures: the knight, two soldiers, a troll general, four troll warriors, and two giant trolls.

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