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Lemonade stand


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What is the most popular first enterprising job of many children in the world during summer?

Lemonade selling of course!



The set contains a fully equiped lemonade stand with 2 minifigures, a lemonade selling boy and a customer.

Like the lemonade stands in the real life, the stand has glasses full of lemonade, a sign saying LEMONADE - 10 c and equipment needed to make more of lemonade. This includes a tank of lemonade with tap where the lemonade is prepared and filled into glasses (I've thought that this looks nicer than a normal lemonade jug), an automated lemon squeezer with glass for undiluted lemon juice (it looks similar to a coffee machine), 4 lemons and a can full of sugar. Beside that, there is a glass for storing earned coins. There are 2 empty glasses and 4 glasses with lemonade.




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