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Percy Jackson: Attack of the Minotaur!

This epic set is my adaptation of the scene in Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief, in which Percy, his mom, and his best friend Grover the Satyr are attacked by the vicious, violent, vehement Minotaur.  This set includes Percy Jackson, Sally Jackson, Grover Underwood, the Minotaur, and a 1978 Chevorlet Camaro (as well as a tree).  

I have made this because about a year ago, I began to read the incredible Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and I was captivated immediately.  Sadly though, Percy Jackson is a completely underrated series, the only recognition it received was a movie which strayed from the plot of the book and was just bad overall.  I have built this set because, searching through Lego Ideas, I wasn't able to find very much Percy Jackson content, which made me sad.  Hopefully, you all think the same way and will support this and my other Lego Ideas entries. :)

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