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Pikmin -Vibrant Garden-


What's the first thing that pops in mind when you hear the word LEGO?
For me, colorful bricks which come in many shapes and sizes with infinite building possibilities!
What is also colorful and comes in many different shapes and sizes?
That's right! Pikmin!
They are a perfect match! I've been both a LEGO and Pikmin fan for pretty much most of my existence, and it would be a dream come true if we can get this product idea made into a real LEGO set!

About the Project:
This set includes the main base, an old paint can converted planter, a small log, Pellet Posy with yellow pellet, a blue pellet, 2 clovers, Cupid's Grenade(cherry), and all 8 mainline Pikmin types(Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Rock, Winged, and Ice).

You can swap out the the printed round tiled eyes of the Pikmin to give them different personalities and emotions.

You can also switch up the Pikmin's leaf, bud, or flower to represent the different stages of maturity.

The shovel treasure can be collected and the hole can be covered up for a different display experience.

I built this project so it can be enjoyed from multiple angles! You may even find a Pikmin hiding in the hole of the log🍃

I've been building and filming stop-motion animations using these brick built Pikmin for some time now, and I've received many comments throughout the years from people who really want to see Pikmin made in to a LEGO set. With the recently released Pikmin 4 and Pikmin 1+2 doing extremely well on the Switch, bring in many new people to experience the franchise for the very first time, I believe now is the best time for us Pikmin fans to join forces and try to make this project into a real LEGO set!

Both Pikmin and LEGO are enjoyed by a wide age group, I am confident this project would make an amazing LEGO set to add to ones collection!

Thank you for your support!🍃🌼

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