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The Phantom Rider


Hello everyone! I got my inspiration for this design from supercars and hyper-cars of modern day and I think that they show in my design from the curves to the exhaust. I first made this car two years ago and I’ve slowly changed and tweaked it so that it matches perfectly as best as I could make it. At one point of the project the car was white and red but I figured that didn’t match as well, the hardest part of the project was trying to incorporate the exhaust into the design while not disturbing the engine in the rear as well as the tail fin. The cover on the rear is meant to balance out the color scheme while show off the V8 engine. In the drivers seat there is a rest for the Minifigure to sit and rest up against while driving at dazzling speeds! The two grilles on each side of the rear fin are meant to be the new dual split new futuristic radiators of the future and are placed below the rear fin so when air is pushed under the fin it is sucked through the radiators to cool them and pass though for the most efficiency while giving a sleek design. I believe this would make a great lego set because you can always hold races with multiple cars and you can build race tracks with multiple sets and create custom design and build other things with the parts which is always fun.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this and I hope you enjoyed my project please give feed back it’d be much appreciated!!

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