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Heroica: Tome of Ennon



I've been working on some improvements for the game:

  • Single colored path for consistency
  • Smooth terrain (for a "cleaner" look and obvious path for the characters to move across)
  • Larger bases for player health so it's easier to reach
  • A few extra details (such as the fountain in Dandora Port)


How it's made

Here's how the book is put together (it's a pretty solid build)!


Microfigures vs. "Trophy" Figures

Another idea I have with this version is to switch out the microfigures with the "trophy" figures. I did not do this with the original submission since I did not have all the different colors of each to represent the original Heroica characters.

One potential issue with this, however, is that they'd be harder to move around the board.

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