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The DC Universe


          The DC universe is home to some of the best Superhero's ever.  With over 60 films and some of the most iconic Superhero's ever, it's not surprising that DC is one of the highest grossing comic industries.  DC (originally know as National Periodical Publications) was started in 1934 and was the original pioneer of a shared Universe where there were multiple Superhero's in multiple places.  Basically the DC comic universe was a place where everyday actions occurred, but with Superhero's and Super-villain's.

          I have attempted to create a small part of the vast universe that is DC.   included in this set are multiple iconic Superhero's and villains.  Some of the mini figures I have included are Batman, Superman, and the Joker.  I've also decided to put in one of my favorite vehicles from the comics and movies into this set, the BatMobile.  The BatMobile is one of my personal favorite vehicles from any comic.  There are many features to the BatMobile including an opening roof with a detailed interior, a front engine, and a grappling hook. 

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