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Town Futuristic Glass Bridge


Hi everybody,

it is a pleasure to present you a futuristic glass bridge, which could be a nice addition to any lego city with a river or a canal crossing it, especially if it has a modern neighborhood or, on the contrary, an historical area nearby - suppose the architect tried to minimize the visual impact of the structure, or the Louvre pyramid. The photos correspond, actually, to two bridges, where the color of the border of the central part and the width of the central glass area are different (and it is very easy to interchange from one to the other - only 14 bricks needed). The handrails from one side of the bridge to the other are also different, so that you can see which one you prefer.

The stairs are made of transparent "white" bricks placed over transparent blue ones to give the idea of continuity between the stairs and the central area. In the middle of the bridge, a special construction technique was used so that the two halves  of the bridge (which are perfectly mirrored) can match.

Don't forget to browse the pictures to have a better view of some of the interesting construction details.

Hope you like this set and consider voting for it.

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