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Mini Disc Golf

LEGO disc golf basket is perfect for interactive indoor play and competitive challenges. It combines the fun of sports, building, games and unique parts in one small set.

The inspiration came from a combination of the LEGO chain elements and the old Slizer/Throwbot discs. As the old Bionicle sets continue to remain popular to this day it would be a great way to utilize the old discs or introduce a new series of collectible throwing discs.

The structure of the basket itself can be constructed from either Technic or System parts or a combination of both. I have designed it multiple ways in The whole thing could be scaled up for 8x8 plate discs or dishes.

This set would be perfect for an indoor activity when the weather outside may not be cooperating. Create a custom course or other hazards and obstacles from your own additional LEGO parts. Challenge your friends and family to a game of HORSE or make some difficult trick shots to share with your YouTube followers.

This design would also make a great stand-alone display model or trophy for a real disc golf tournament.

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