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Japanese Village House


In need of Samurai warriors or villagers for your Japanese Village? Or are you looking for a nice shelf decoration? Introducing the small Japanese Village House built for anyone with a love for Japanese traditional architecture. It is small enough to be transported, easily inserted into previously existing scenes, or as a nice model for the shelf. The interior includes a kitchen, bed, and a painting for a simple yet detailed interior layout. The roof is able to detach for easy access for a better play experience and includes hanging tea leaves. Outside a stone pathway leads through a small pond from the road to the steps of the hut. Around the pond lay a frog, turtle, and bamboo shoots to complete the scenery. A dirt road leads past the house. Separated from the home by two wodden fences and outlined with moss and mushrooms, the road sweeps by and is shaded by an overhanging tree.

Thank you for your support and happy building. Questions and comments are very much welcomed.

Minifigures included:

-Villager male

-Female Villager

-Male Samurai

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