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Odyssey - The Colonel

The Odyssey Core needed something for their troops to follow: enter The Colonel!

Wheels and wings are great for travelling fast and for long distances, but sometimes you need something that can clamber over any surface or terrain, and can serve as a flag bearer for your troops. That's where The Colonel comes in. The Odyssey Core refer to it as a 'sentinel', inferring it was built to keep peace and protect, but with all those guns? Some think they built The Colonel with the intention to destroy the peace, not keep it... What is the Odyssey Core truly up to?

The Colonel contains 801 pieces, and stands over 27cm tall. It features a whole load of cool features including:

- rotating waist and poseable limbs

- intricate build 

- cool details and weapons

- intricate cockpit opening

It's not only a fine addition to my line of Odyssey models, but can also serve as a great stand alone model.

I hope you like the project, and thanks in advance for any feedback and support.



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