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Mad Scientist House

This house is crazy!

The scientific couple, Carmen and Leo Defel, have modified their own house to investigate all kinds of experiments. This madness started step by step as a hobby and ended up making it a lifestyle. First they created a laboratory on the second floor of the house, then they realized that they needed more space to live, and they attached a caravan in the lower part.

The experiments needed more and more energy, so they decided to install half an airplane to get the necessary power for so much research, later came the electricity condensers and of course... water cooling. All this has made the house attract all kinds of brilliant minds and now, Leo and Carmen are not alone. They have some friends who help them run tests and make everything work, they even have a robot butler!

What will be next? A lightning rod? Maybe a convertible house? We'll never know what's on the minds of these mad scientists!

It has been exciting to build this project (2342 pc), I have had a lot of fun creating all kinds of artifacts and giving free rein to my imagination. I hope you like it so much that you are encouraged to support it and I hope it comes to your house, and you'll have as much fun building it as I did designing it.

Greetings to all, and thank you very much for coming here. You know, keep building!

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