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LL-633 Lasius


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I am a big fan of classic space. Even though I didn't grow up with it, I still love to recreate it.

The LL-633 Lasius is an exploratory star ship. Whenever a new planet is discovered, this ship is on the job.

Play features: Detachable cockpit

Button-release laboratory

 Front passenger hold

 Removable maintenance hatch

 Detachable rocket 

And rover bay with retractable ramp.

The little rover is a maintenance/exploratory vehicle, equipped with an antenna a tool rack.

This ship was inspired by Johan Brickhead, a fellow builder on Lego Ideas. I enjoyed building this set a lot, but it did have its challenges. I think the hardest part was either the angled hull or the button-release function. I am also proud to announce that this is my longest ship to date, with a length of about seventy-four studs!

It was a pleasure to build this ship and I hope you like it too : )

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