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Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy: The Portal God


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"Two heroes. Their mission is the same. Their methods couldn't be further apart."

Long ago in the land of Ancient Egypt, a headstrong demigod named Sphinx began a quest to save the world from an oncoming evil. During his journey, he gained an ally in the dethroned Prince of Luxor, Tutankhamen, who is half-transformed into a mummy and who seeks out lost Canopic Vases to return to his human form.

Armed with the Blade of Osiris, Sphinx's path will lead to encounters with the strange, yet at times deadly, creatures of his world.

The fastest way of transportation is through the Portal God, ancient technologies that rely on magic to travel to various locations.

Will Sphinx be able to withstand the challenges that lie ahead? Will the Mummy ever become human again? You decide!

- Includes two minifigures: Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (Tutankhamen).
- Additional creatures include Bas-Ket, two Burbles, a Fire Armadillo, a Cyclops (with a laser eye), a Blade Scorpion, and an Eye of Set.
- Includes a Sacred Statue.
- Discover the Warping Sarcophagus with a key to unlock the treasure chest and find the Warping Amulet!
- Place the Sphinx on the platform with the Amulet.
- Move the Portal God’s head downward.
- Press the button on the back of the head to activate the light-brick to replicate transportation through magic!
- Place Bas-Ket’s headpiece on his back to allow the Canopic Vase to sit on his head and recreate key scenes of the game!
- Accessories include the Shield of Osiris, a Canopic Vase, the Book of the Dead, the Dark Stone of Invisibility, a parchment with the Mummy's task of finding lost jewels, a key, and the Crown of Abydos!
- Contains about 1,017 pieces!

Though it was originally released on 10 November 2003, I remember growing up watching another family member play the XBOX version of this game. In time, I managed to complete the story, but that never stopped me from revisiting it every now and then (After such a visit, I enjoyed it so much that I went so far as to design a Portal God for LEGO Dimensions, and drew printings for minifigures on paper).

Since this year (2021) is the 18th anniversary of the game's release, I went looking for those old drawings to reattempt my designs with updated minifigures, create a cleaner, bigger build, and add some additional elements of the story.

I chose this particular build because the Portal God may be found in more than one location. The more Portal Gods there are, the easier it is to travel between places.

Despite the challenges of shaping a brick-built humanoid face, creating unique monsters, and finding a way to utilize a light-brick (the mouth lights up!), I was happy with this build.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and are inspired to start building!
Feel free to ask questions and share this project with your friends.
The Prophecy of Osiris is beginning to be realized at last… But will you be the one to bring about its conclusion?
- Bridger Hibbert

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