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DIY Fairy Garden Plot



The scaled down buildings of Lego meets the tiniest corner of indoor gardening in this simple to use fairy garden box. Gardening, even small gardening takes care and meticulous planning. In the tradition of premixed soil, this Lego fairy garden box will take the guess-work out of tiny landscaping. Of the joys of gardening, sorting out the proper plants, insuring proper drainage, and managing soil level are among the little bits of busywork that put off most beginning gardeners or most tired gardeners. Sometimes a “paint by numbers” approach allows us the freedom to throw caution to the wind and enjoy the fun stuff. This garden box is designed to mind that busy work and free those gardeners.

Why did I build this?

Plenty of young ones, myself and my partner included, have taken up caring for a plant or two during our extensive stay at home. Soon our home was covered in greenery and those tiny up-keep tasks started to pile up. Fairy gardens scratch that itch of plant care and art that intersect in a compact bundle of aesthetics. However, these little gardens take a considerable amount of attention; more so than a simple potted cactus. In order to present as a scaled-down fairy-sized yard a few different types of plants need to be employed. Each with different soil and moisture needs. People who love making scale models, people who love gardening, people who want a little plot of land that’s all theirs are put off of such a project simply due to the trial and error nature of it. Here, we have an opportunity to just have at it and allow creatives to just be creative.


·        A completed garden box will feature the following:

·        A drainage base that puts distance between the soil and pooling water

·        Surface grills that will only allow rocks or substrate large enough to drain to stay on top.

·        A perimeter wall raised at specific parts that will indicate the appropriate soil heights to promote proper drainage

·        Interior walls and decorations separate shallow rooting plants while also constraining landscape to proper soil levels.

·        Color transition from dark green to yellow also indicates soil level, and appropriate plant type. Green for deeper soil and more yellow indicates shallower soil.

·        Base windows promote drainage.

·        A small house sunken into the soil really sells that forest fairy aesthetic.

·        Leveled drainage base, limits different area’s access to pooling water.

·        Open concept provides a blank canvas for plenty of aesthetic choices.

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