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Extreme Off Road Multi-Use Vehicle

This pickup truck is very similar to the one in set 60148. It is capable of carrying an ATV in the truck bed, a motorcycle and a futuristic speedboat on the roof. It has large wheels and an engine on the front. On the driver side, there are tools and other helpful things. On the other side, there is an air pump, tanks for water and gasoline, a shovel, and a paddle for the boat. On the roof, there are the vehicles, an oxygen tank with a mask, and another paddle. The truck also features a tow hitch. Finally, the cover for the truck bed is removable. I built this because I enjoy seeing the capabilities of real off-road trucks, so I wanted to create something similar with LEGO. I think this would make a great set because there aren’t too many sets like this; this truck is ready for almost anything.

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