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Blooming Beauty


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Beautiful blossoms add color to our lives and help us get closer.


LEGO® bricks…

They help us express our creativity, in infinite ways.

The philosophy of the brick is to help us “bloom” our creative self. All LEGO® elements are designed to snap and “get closer” and they express a potential that everything might bind to everything and become part of a whole. LEGO® brings us closer.

Just like flowers, when used as a means to approach people.

In the LEGO® Universe, there is one element that has been designed to do the opposite from… everything else. The Brick Separator separates what is joined. As a tool, it is very handy but, as an element, is a controversy to the LEGO® way of coming together. Well… not entirely true. After all, these are LEGO®, so everything is possible; even changing roles for an element.

Can the Brick Separator bring us closer? I say: Yes! Use it to build; not separate.

And this is my idea for transforming something that is made to separate, into something attracting.

Consists of less than 200 elements, all currently in production. Should be quite affordable as a set. Simple to build, as simple is its beauty. A marvelous addition to LEGO® sets of nature (e.g. birds) and to all places where you’d like to have a LEGO® flower.

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