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The Mansion


Count and Countess live in this mansion in the middle of the city. They are waiting for the taxi who takes them to the opera!

This manor has a real history: it was built by an ancestor in the Middle Ages and originally it was a large square tower surrounded by 4 round towers. During the Hundred Years War, three towers were destroyed and during the Renaissance a descendant made the mansion more habitable by adding the white parts.

It is a modular building with 3 floors fully compatible with the official Lego buildings. It contains a little less than 3000 bricks. There are 3 minifigs (count, countess and a ghost) and a skeleton.

A colimacon staircase in the tower allows to go to all floors to the top of the building.

On the ground floor there are a dining room and a kitchen.

On the 1st floor, there are a bedroom and a bathroom with WC

On the top floor, there are 2 rooms reserved for the count who loves classical music (unless it's heavy metal, I am not sure !). The first room contains its collection of records, and the second is an auditorium.

Sometimes the ghost of the ancestor appears in the bedroom. To make it disappear you have to find his treasure in the basement with his skeleton!

I hope you like it and do not hesitate to ask anything. Thank you very much for your support!

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