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Mary Poppins-17 Cherry Tree Lane


Update Number One: New Interior

My first update is a full-on "redo" of the interior. I used many suggestions plus some of my own ideas to come up with the new interior! There is also a small update to the roof. Try and spot all the "easter eggs," I will leave some highlights here!
-Desk in attic from "Mary Poppins Returns"
-St. Pauls Cathedral Snow-Globe
-Tea Party set in kids room
-Updated bed design
-Working rocking chair.
-New chimney and skylight to recreate the famous rooftop dance from "Mary Poppins"
-Berts Chalk Drawing hanging near the mantle
-And much more!
Please leave any more suggestions in the comments!


First 100 Supporters!

Thank you everyone for getting this submission to the first 100 votes! Every vote meant a lot to me. If everyone here just shares this post ten times, we can get to 1,000!😉.

A new update is coming soon. The interior will be completely refurbished! Also, you can leave comments requesting new minifigures or updates.

Thanks again for 100, now let’s get to 1,000!


New Main Picture, Will be added shortly

Thanks to all who have supported. Make sure to tell your friends so Lego Mary Poppins can become a reality! This is a new image of the model I have rendered. It will be added in 30 days, but I'm putting it here for now so you can see it. Thanks for supporting, now lets get to 100!

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