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Hockenheimring 2015 - Monster Stage


The Stage from Hockenheimring 2015

This Stage was used by the Band "Böhse Onkelz" in Juny 2015 for 4 concerts.

It is the largest stage in europe and perhaps in the world. The stage was build at "Hockenheimring" in germany for the music band "Böhse Onkelz". It was built like Lego with predefined elements. 25 video screen are built in the towers. Some screens were able to move. It took 7 days to built this stage.

real dimensions          lego dimensions

Height: 37m                ca. 39cm

Depth: 48m                 ca. 35cm

Width: 102m                ca. 100cm

My Lego stage counts 711 bricks and took a lot of hours to build.

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