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LEGO Stan Lee


Marvel - LEGO Stan Lee 50 Supporters!

We have reached 50+ supporters within the first day thank you all for the support and feedback so far please continue to support and share with anyone you think will like LEGO Stan Lee! Please follow us also on Twitter @LEGOSTANLEE


LEGO Stan Lee - Video

Want to help us reach our goal? Please share the below video with and link :)


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LEGO Stan Lee - Featured on

Marvel - LEGO Stan Lee - Featured on!! * website has been down for a while i think they are doing mayor updates or moving to a new site.

I had been looking through various website for any mention of Lego Stan Lee and noticed on this day Aug 16, back in 2015 the official website for Stan Lee had given my LEGO Stan Lee a mention!

I hope this means that Stan Lee himself has seen the LEGO Stan Lee and likes my creation. Please keep supporting and sharing this project. There has not been any LEGO bust sets before but I think that this could be a start of something great with many possibilities.

This is the second time on LEGO ideas for the Stan Lee Bust and just come short before having being lost in the system so lets get it trending and on the trending this week section like last time for all to see.

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