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Code Monkey Save World

So, I am a proud Code Monkey...

On the 12th of November 2012 famed comic book creator Greg Pak tweeted:

Occurs to me you could field s pretty awesome supervillain team with Characters from @jonathancoulton songs.

Jonathan Coulton replied:


and thus Code Monkey Save World was born.

IF You like:
Johnathon Coulton's Songs, Greg Pak's Writing, or Takeshi Miyazawa's Art this is the set for you.

Or if you are a code monkey, or work in a cubicle, or are a office-worker-turned-action-heroine, or you like off beat stuff, this is the set for you.


If you want a crazy robot that attacks offices....

There is something for everybody!

Proposed Set includes:

Charles Figure: The Code Monkey!
Matilde Figure: Office-worker-turned-action-heroine!
Cubicle with computer, desk chair, and of course, a can of soda
Brick Built Combat Robot.

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