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Shopping Mall


Dear LEGO friends

Since it was Christmastime, I decided to add a shopping mall to my LEGO town.

My set consists usually of three floors fully equipped with various accessories inside and outside. Through the revolving door you enter the ground floor, where you will find an information stand, a grocery store - here you can buy pastries, fruits, vegetables or other goods from two refrigerators, a travel agency branch and a newspaper shop. Two elevators take you to the next floors.

On the first floor there is a sports shop with winter and summer equipments, a toy store full of gifts, an aquarium and the main attraction for all visitors - a Christmas tree and an armchair for Santa Claus, where children can take pictures with him.

On the top floor there is a sweet-shop shop, where you can order dessert, cakes, ice cream or coffee and sit for a while. Don't forget to throw the rubbish in the pull-out bin.
You can also buy electronics here and notice the wide range of the latest phones under the glass counter.

If necessary, you can get from both upper floors by an emergency staircase at the back of the shopping mall.

The building is equipped with a large number of details such as snowman on the sidewalks, decorative mosaic in front of the entrance, illuminated banners next to the entrance, Christmas decoration of the facade, air conditioning on the roof or colorful containers for waste recycling.

The whole set consists of approximately 2540 parts and contains 7 minifigures: shop assistants and customers.

Thanks a lot for your visit and of course for your vote if you are interested in my modular building. If you are curious about my other MOC modular houses, become my follower.

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