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Other Planet

The year 3424, Humans have been attacked by Aliens, you must build whatever they need, for them to win this empending alien war.

That was the Intro :D, this is my first project so it might not be that good, but I'm doing my best so here it goes:

I only wanna make characters besides the set at the top. The set above contains 244 pieces and might sell for about 15 to 25 dollers. It contains 2 alien gunners, 1 alien sniper, and 3 heavy marines.

Alien Sniper
Bio: Trained by shooting the leaves on trees, these eagle eye aliens are fuled by unknown rages.
Pieces: 37

Alien Gunner
Bio: The Alien Gunner was always the smallest alien on the street, but finnally they get there chance! Alien Gunners work in packs to take down big foes or groups of enemies.
Pieces: 21

Heavy Marine
Heavy Marines are good for taking out the frontline. They can keep going, even after there feet have been shot off. They train with aincent methods, used be Vikings, Indians, and Pirates.
Pieces: 7

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