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Sylvia Earle Tribute

For me, who was born and has lived in the middle of a continent, the importance of our seas and oceans was completely out of sight and out of mind. I had the chance to learn free-diving and scuba diving, experiencing the beauty of the underwater world, but more importantly realizing its huge importance in our ecosystem. This is why I want to highlight this world for many children with this ‘hope LEGO set’ illustrating the marine biologist Dr. Silvia A. Earle with all of her enthusiasm and love for the ocean.

One of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet”, Sylvia Earle, has earned a lot of respect for pioneering research on the marine ecosystems. She took part in the development of new technologies to enable the exploration of the deep seas and she still actively participates in many projects aiming to restore and protect the health of the oceans. “No blue, no green” she always says, emphasizing that there is no life without a healthy ocean.

This set consists of 3 types of underwater terrain:
  1. Sea-plant and sea-grass lands provide homes for many young fishes and seahorses, and this is also the best-loved area for sea turtles.
  2. The sandy seafloor is home to many sea slugs, shells, and sea worms. This is the favorite place for many rays, including the blue-spotted ray.
  3. Coral reefs provide a habitat for the greatest biodiversity on Earth. Hundreds of species of coral and anemone attract many different kinds of fish by providing food and shelter. Octopuses and moray eels find peace in caves and arches.

I do really hope that this LEGO set will help Sylvia Earle and her team’s work by highlighting the importance of this underwater world through play, which is the best way of communication with the younger generation :) I also would like to take this opportunity to thank  Sylvia and her team for their extraordinary effort!

I designed this set with my wife Dora and we dedicate this set to our newborn daughter, hoping that she will explore our world with such a huge enthusiasm as Sylvia Earle :)

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