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Villa Rotonda - Andrea Palladio


7 Days Left...

I don't know if anybody ever really notices the Update page, but this is just a brief message saying thanks to the supporters! Since architecture is such a big part of my life, this project is perhaps the most meaningful to I actually built it out of real LEGO!

After this project expires, stay tuned for an entry where you will see the real build and not just the digital model!


200 Supporters!

Thank you for the current 200 supporters! It really means a lot to me and I hope this becomes a reality! In the meantime, see images of when I was modeling it and trying to find the right pieces. Enjoy! 🇮🇹🏛😁👍


24 Hours Later

Thank you so much for the current 45 supporters! This is amazing and I've enjoyed getting inspiration from you all and your creations as well.

I wanted to give an update with how La Rotonda would look if it was the complete four sides (the way I was originally designing this model).

I felt it was really important to have the plan, section, and elevation in this set because it is modeled after the drawing in the Four Books of Architecture. Because of this, one set itself would not be able to contain the plan, section, and elevation along with the other sections due to the piece limitation. Only half of the Villa Rotonda could be in the set, but if you had two sets, then you could have a beautiful, symmetrical, architectural masterpiece.


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