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Lego Undertale - Muffet Battle


This is the Battleground between Frisk and Muffet from the popular game Undertale.

It includes a Frisk and a Muffet Minifigure.

The Muffet Minifigure has even 8 limbs like a real spider.

Muffets pet the Spider-Cake is also included.

Set Description:

"Battle the greedy Muffet to defeat your Soul

Muffet, a spider-like Monster is attacking you with her various kinds of spider-cakes and webs. Can you defend your soul from her greedy fingers?

includes Frisk, Muffet and a Spider-Cake Pet"

Character Description:

"Muffet runs a bake sale, being very angry at passers who do not purchase anything from it, even though buying something costs 9999 gold."

"Frisk is the main protagonist of Undertale. After Frisk falls into the Underground, Frisk tries to return to the surface. Frisk is the last of the eight humans to fall into the Underground after traveling to Mt. Ebott."


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