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Modern Living


Modern Living

The timeless styling of modular buildings brings a feeling of comfort and order. But sometimes youneed to break with tradition for 32 studs and take the time to appreciate something.. outrageous! Something modern and contemporary to remind you that timelessness doesn’t need to come from tradition. 

This unusual, contemporary modular building is more than a house. It’s a new home to a couple of entrepeneuring twentysomethings and their sleek targa-top sports car. They’re living life to the fullest and enjoying their newfound luxury and comfort!

About the build

This modern modular building is built on a 32 x 32 baseplate and features two cantilevered sections, a full and detailed interior + exterior, two removable floor sections and four removable roof sections. Make sure to check the first image after the thumbnail for an overview! I’ve tried to make every floor accessible enough to place the minifigures despite the unusual shape of the rooms. The top two floors come off as one section and access to the lower of those floors is achieved by removing the sloping roof section.

The sports car is my own design and made to scale well with other City cars. It seats one minifigure and the doors can be opened. The roof piece can be easily removed to turn the car into a convertible.


  • Size (imperial): 10,2 x 10,2 x 11,8 inches

  • Size (metric): 25,8 x 25,8 x 29,9 cm

  • Part count: 2995

Thank you for taking the time to check out my idea! I hope I can count on your support!

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