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Minecraft Story Mode: A New World Order


Warning! This project contains MAJOR spoilers for Minecraft Story Mode Episode 4!

And so it was that a new Order of the Stone was born. For though the world had been saved and the command block destroyed... ...there are many more worlds than just this one.

With the recent success of LEGO Minecraft sets, and the pure awesomeness of Minecraft Story Mode, I thought, why not bring them together?

For those who don't know, Minecraft Story Mode is a stand-alone game that takes elements from Minecraft and puts it into a whole new story.

This is the ending scene from Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place. It had been a week since the destruction of the Wither Storm, but that victory carried a heavy price...

Reuben will be remembered...

This set contains, Jesse, Olivia, Axel, Petra, Lukas (with new armour), Gabriel, Magnus and Ivor, not to mention Reuben's memorial, and the stage with the beacons. I made them all as accurate to the game as I could.

As with my last project, Lego Digital Designer doesn't have the Minecraft pieces (block-shaped heads, armour), so if this project reaches the Review Stage (or if LDD gets the Minecraft pieces), the character's heads and armour would be replaced with their proper Minecraft parts.

Thanks for looking at my project and I hope that you enjoyed it! Support if you want Lego Minecraft Story Mode to become a reality!

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