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Triple Bull Saloon

Hello there!
'Triple Bull Saloon' is my original idea, based on my original concepts, drawings and sketches. I love westerns so much. Since LEGO Western theme expired, a lot of LEGO fans are missing this fantastic times, when you were able to play with cowboys. 
I spend a lot of time sketching and bulding. I created 8 original characters. First of all, there's no big western build without sheriff. So, there's sheriff Al, he is tired of his job, runnig after criminals every day. The criminals are brothers El Trappo - Luke, Marc and Ennio (Ennio is a tribute to great compositor Ennio Morricone, who created soundtracks to iconic western movies). The other characters is Tommy and Michelle, ordinary western town people. Tommy is a teacher and Michelle is a daughter of miner. They are living in 'Triple Bull Saloon'. Chile McMoney is a bounty hunter, a cold blood women. She is trying to catch brothers El Greco, but they are always running away. The last character is Fred, he is working in Saloon every day. 

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