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Ice Cream Truck


Hi this is my idea for the Lego ideas team and Lego city. This is called a Ice Cream Truck. This set comes with a  truck, inside the truck you have a cash register, sales computer, a credit card reader,  a keyboard,a receipt printer,  6 ice cream on the side of the truck,  a ice cream clerk,  a ice cream freezer, a driving wheel, a green extra long seat, a mini aetena for a driving stick, and  a speed odometer on the pictures below you have what i just descriped up top. There are two side windows on the truck for customers to go to. you have the front picture up and see the finished product of what the ice cream truck looks like. I also added a back view picture down below. On the top of the Ice Cream truck you have one cherry frozen pop on the front  and one bubble gum frozen pop on the back. These are the signs that say that it is a Ice Cream truck, you also have a blue long antena.  You also have the Driver of the Ice Cream truck. I built this set and idea today while i was waiting  for Fire Truck Check. This set was easy to make and would let your imagination run wild. This set has 188 pieces all together. It would be a great set for anyone or any colletor. I hope you will vote on this set and let your friends know that you voted on Ice Cream Truck. I hope this set will become a reality for all ages and for everybody. Thanks and have a great day! P.S. If you have questions about this set please leave them on the idea page and i will answer them thanks again!

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