Product Idea

MIR Space Station

When talking Earth orbit and the great vessels currently flying around, we shall not forget about the past! Here comes the mother of all orbital space stations:

15 years of duty in Earth orbit. More years to come in your childrens orbit!
The MIR Space Station

- Configuration as of 2006
- Modular concept
- Comes with 2 Soyuz capsules
- Including cosmonaut minifigure(s)

- Turn the solar panels to always catch the best sun!
- Reloacate some scientific experiments attacht to the station
- (De)attach the soyuz capsules (they are threeparted to play a realistic return to earth)
- Rearrange the station to your own ideas

POSSIBLE EXTENTIONS (for illustration):
- A Space Shuttle based on the deceased model 3367 (but heavily modified) could be attached to the Shuttle-Docking port (like the real one used to do).
- A rocket of set 3368 can be used to lift the Soyuz capsules to the MIR

- Uses the same Soyuz capsules and a compatible shuttle docking port as my International Space Station ( does.