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Nubian J-Type Diplomatic Barge


Although this magnificient ship only has a very limited screentime in "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" it is still very recognizable. The Naboo and their spaceships have always been the best part of the Prequel trilogy and this ship has struck me the most.

The only way to replicate this ship properly is by making it a UCS set. A lot of it's stunningness comes from the gigantic mass of chrome silver beauty. It is a luxurious ship that deserves a luxurious Lego set.

Both for scale and for Playvalue the set should come with one (or maybe even two) Naboo N-1 scale models. The one seen in the pictures is roughly two thirds of the proper minifig scale and almost perfectly in scale with the UCS Diplomatic Barge. It emphasizes the size of the main ship very well.

However the ship is not only supposed to be a display model. My version has an interior that is inspired by the cross-cut image in the DK book about Star Wars ships. In the front there is a luxurious bedroom for the senator of Naboo, Padmé Amidala. The center holds the main throneroom featuring a seat for the senator and a small table with benches for advisors or guards to sit at. In the back and slightly higher ist the cockpit that can be opened up seperately and holds one pilot and a Naboo officer.

Further the ship is built on a frame of technic bricks and therefore sturdy enough to be swoshed around (atleast if you are big enough to hold it. I'd say a seven year old might still have problems with the weight.) However it is not to heavy to have fully functional landing gear as an alternative to the presentation stand included.

Of course Padmé Amidala isn´t acutally aboard the ship in the film. The figure included in the set could either be her or her double Cordé. The other figures could be Captain Typho, one or two guards and of course a Naboo pilot, all of them wearing the uniforms introduced in Episode II.

If you like this model please give it your support and leave a comment. If there is anything you dislike about it feel free to comment,  too. Feedback is very important for me to improve my models and building skills and give you Lego Star Wars fans the models you want.

Thanks for reading and I hope to get some positive feedback! :)

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