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Pikmin: S.S. Dolphin and Onion


Pikmin is a game series owned and developed by Nintendo, which originally started out in October 26, 2001. In this real time strategy and puzzle game you play as Olimar, whose ship has crash landed on the planet PNF-404. To escape from this planet Olimar must rely on the strength of the pikmin to find parts for his ship, and put it back together.


This build consist of around 500-600 pieces, and is based off Olimar’s ship from pikmin, the S.S. Dolphin, and the Onion which the pikmin call home. The S.S. Dolphin uses a hollow structure, where each side is attached onto sideways facing studs, for easy application and removal. The onion is a simple circle with hook pieces holding the legs on.

There is only on minifigure included to make it more accurate to the first game, captain Olimar. The helmet is using the two pieces from the jellyfish guy in set 70614, which is why it has the squiggly lines across it.

The pikmin in this set are built in a very easy way, by just using a round one by one, with either a stud or wedge on top, so the pikmin can either be blooming or not

Why It Would Be A Good Set

this would be a great set if chosen by the LEGO group, becuase there is just as much potential to have a kid build it and bay with it, as it being something a pikmin fan could display on their desk or shelf. One of the tiny features that could make this a good display piece is the ability to remove the back, so it could be sitting flat, looking like its flying. Or you can just tear random pieces off and make it look like it just crashed on PNF-404!

Future Of This Project

There is much more I plan on adding depending on how far support for this goes. For example one thing I will add later on is most likely a bulborb, the most iconic enemy from the pikmin games if you’ve played any of them. I already have many ideas on my mind for what I can add, but like said earlier, it depends on how much support there is for the project

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