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Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum

I really like the The Night at the Museum movies, which is why I made this model, which showcases the Museum of Natural History. I would like to clarify at the outset that this is an original work based on the museum seen in the film, but since CARLIERTI had already made an idea of ​​the museum in front of me, there are similar/identical things in the two works: interior layout, museum half-cut, gray brick socket, Globe design, two steps in the movies take us to the next level, here again only one can be seen. It consists of 3,000 pieces and contains a total of four figures: Larry Daley, Theodore Roosevelt, Pharaoh Ahkmenrah, Attila the Hun, and even two microfigures: Jedediah and Octavius.
I have also designed the front and inside of the Museum: the Museum has a ground floor, an upstairs level and a roof. In the middle of most of the Museum is the hall where you will find Rexy the T-rex, the big globe and Theodore Roosevelt’s horse and other accessories: lamps, plants and newspapers. The walls are decorated with paintings and flags. Outside the hall, there are several smaller rooms in the museum: The first is the jungle showroom where we find Dexter the monkey and a lot of the plants found in the jungle. The second is the cleaning ceremony, where you can see shelves - bottles on them - chests, plus barrels and a bag. The last room shows African animals and their characteristic landscape.
The next level is also full of curiosities: on this level is Attila’s Hun, Easter Island Head and Jedediah’s Wild West Model, where Octavius ​​is also found. There are also small and large accessories on this level: cabinets, plants, lamps and newspapers.
The last level is the roof level, where there are crates and a bucket.
If you also want an official LEGO set that takes the Night into the World of the Museum, please support this idea and get 10k votes together, thanks in advance!

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